Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Empower people to Age Smarter™. Forget everything you've been told about "normal" aging and let us show you how to optimize your time here on earth. 

Michael (aka Moylan) Ryan

Fascinated by movement, I began practicing Martial Arts at age 15.  Forty-five years later, I began experiencing chronic pain. My journey has resulted in a deep passion combining my knowledge of the human body and mind as a somatic therapist, posture specialist and movement educator to take the pain out of aging.

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Heather Frederick, PhD

Well before my first grey hair or wrinkle, I was curious about human development. I studied aging, but it wasn't until my 40's, when my body started to break down, that I turned my focus to understanding how to bring research into practice so that I could optimize my aging process and help others do the same.

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